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A Message From Nanna

I wanted to say a few words about my granddaughter's karate instructor, Shihan Don Burnell. In addition to martial arts,  the teens are getting life planning skills.  This morning after class,  Shihan Burnell had the teens fully engaged in a conversation.  He led them on the topic of their future.  Asked each of them their thoughts,  plans and possible career choices.  He took time for each one and helped them see where their plans can become a reality.  Personality traits they possess that work well with their choices and ways to make it happen.  My girl left that conversation with hope and excited for her future.  She's 17 and had no clear direction.  After today,  she's making plans.  Not only does he look after their training and hold them to educational standards,  he provides true mentorship.  He's helping them make goals for their future. And guiding them on the path to make it happen.  He truly care for his kids.  In every aspect of their lives.  My girl is truly blessed to have him in her life.  Today was another example of that.  Thank you.  Thank you for being there and all you do for your kids and young adults.  You sir,  are making a lasting difference in their lives.
~Sue B

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Karate has taught my granddaughter confidence,  respect, pride and raised her self esteem. Her Shihan and Sensei have become great mentors.  She truly looks up to them.  When she started here 6 months ago,  she was shy and very unsure of herself.  Not today.  She's transformed.  She works hard.  Within her first 3 months she competed in her first tournament and has continued moving forward with all she has. It's the environment here that encourages her and instills her hunger for learning. This Dojo has become a second home for both of us.  A family.  Every student is taught in a way they learn with one on one attention given to each student.  In addition to class instruction.  Students learn at different levels and here  teach "the student". I encourage anyone looking for a place,  to come here. 

" It's a place where I've learned self discipline and pride and more than I thought I was capable of.  For me,  it isn't just a school.  It's a place where we are family . My Shihan and Sensei are not just instructors,  they are mentors.  " Linzie